The Ungava Tulattavik Health Center is located in Kuujjuaq and offers the whole health and social services in the eastern part of Nunavik. Serving seven Inuit communities with an equal number of CLSC, a center for the elderly and the hospital in Kuujjuaq, it employs approximately 1,000 employees : administrators, professionals, doctors, dentists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, support staff, etc. 

Nunavik communities are located north of the 55th parallel where a subarctic climate prevails. It implies the existence of permafrost allowing no agriculture.  Nunavik is the largest region covering about a third of the total area of Quebec.  No road link exists between the communities of Nunavik and southern Quebec, and between Nunavik communities themselves. We have access to the region and its communities by air travel and by boat.

Status : Temporary part time (36.25 hours/week) – 2 to 4 weeks assignations (3 to 5 assignations per year)
Start date: As soon as possible

The Ungava Tulattavik Health Center (UTHC) provides midwifery services and professional support to nurses in the seven communities of Ungava Bay. The majority of our clientele is Inuit and the majority of women will give birth in Kuujjuaq with the midwifery team.

The team consists of the equivalent of 4 MW full-time with a rich experience of maternity care in remote areas. We work in interdisciplinary with a team of nurses, doctors, student midwifes and social workers to provide care to women who are low-risk and intermediate-risk pregnancies. We are part of the emergency evacuation team for premature deliveries or other obstetric or neonatal emergencies.

Summary of functions:

Under the direction of Professional Services, the applicant will be responsible for monitoring pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum care for the mother and child in conjunction with midwives and local students. She will be responsible for supervising the Inuit midwifery student and providing them with instruction according to the Ungava Tulattavik Health Center’s Inuit Student Training Guide.


  • To be a member of the Order of Midwives of Quebec (O.S.F.Q.);
  • Up-to-date Obstetric Emergency Certification (ESW, ALSO, ALARM or MORE);
  • Certification in Advanced Neonatal Resuscitation, including intubation;
  • Excellent communication in English and French spoken and written, Inuktitut would be an asset;
  • Sense of responsibility, autonomy, maturity and diligence;
  • Openness, intercultural teaching skills and listening skills are essential;
  • Capacity to adapt to a different work environment and work experience in the Nordic region;
  • Facility and efficiency to work in interdisciplinary/multicultural team;
  • Be available to travel to the Ungava Bay communities;
  • Be available to be on call.


  • Salary: Min:  $1146.23  Max:  $1945.18/week
  • Isolation premium: $203.66/week
  • High cost of living premium: $61.16/week
  • Retention premium: $383.29/week

Availability premium: the employee on availability after her regular workday or workweek receives, for each period of eight (8) hours, an allowance equivalent to one (1) hour at single rate
Call-back: if there is a call-back to work when the employee has left the institution and is not on call, she receives for each call-back:

1. a transportation allowance equivalent to one (1) hour at straight time;

2. a minimum of two (2) hours pay at the overtime rate. It is understood that work performed immediately before or after the regular work period is not a call-back

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